Thank you for your interest in B Elite.

We are happy to introduce ourselves as your stress-reduced fat loss experts. You must be wondering “What is stress-reduced fat loss?”

For the answer, let us take you back to when we were employees at a top fitness facility in Toronto. In our 20+ years combined in the fitness industry, we have each held all the positions possible – fitness consultants, trainers, nutritionists and management.

We noticed that while there were a lot of people who got great results, there were a large majority of people who struggled with one of more of these issues:

could not lose weight no matter how hard they tried

would lose a few inches and then stop getting results

kept yo-yoing between losing and gaining weight

struggled getting certain body parts leaner -> waist and legs being the most common trouble spots, especially for women

lost weight but had trouble with energy, sleep and digestion

All this regardless of how good their coaches were and how hard they worked.

We learned that the ultimate cause of gaining body fat was STRESS. But stress not limited to difficult situations (mental stress) in our lives but from any of these sources:

poor nutrition habits including under-eating or over-eating

nutrient deficiencies

poor gut health and inflammation

environmental stressors – chemicals, pesticides, hormones, medications

emotional stress

adrenal fatigue from releasing too much stress-hormone (cortisol) too often

lack of QUALITY sleep and recovery

the body not detoxing effectively

exposure to electro-magnetic radiation (EMR)

injuries and trauma to the muscles and joints

These are to name the most common ones. Once we started addressing the source of the stress, clients  started getting healthier, feeling better AND losing weight !!

Our purpose is to educate people on these stress factors and ways to make sure their bodies have minimal reasons to add body fat and damage health.

What makes us Durham’s ‘stress-reduced fat loss’ experts is that not only do we go to the root of the ‘stress’ but we also use different tools like Biosignature Modultation, nutrition, personal training, FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy), registered massage therapy and energy medicine to resolve them.

So if you are tired of wasting time, money and energy on methods that just don’t work, come visit us at our studio or check out our Online programs.