Our unique method of fat loss is what we call ‘ stress-reduced fat loss ’.

Adding fat is your body’s way of protecting you from various forms of stress – physical, chemical, emotional and mental.

These stresses disrupt specific hormones which results in increased fat around corresponding body parts.
For example, eating excessive carbohydrates will disrupt insulin and add fat around your ‘love handles’.
Certain chemicals from your skin products elevate estrogen and add fat around the legs and hips (cellulite anyone?)

Addressing these stress factors will regulate the hormones resulting is the body getting rid of unwanted body fat.

We begin with skin-fold testing 12 sites on your body (Biosignature Modulation) to identify the top three hormones that are affecting your health and physique.  Next we go through extensive questionnaires that allow us to assess your digestion, organ fucntions, detoxification, sleep quality and brain chemistry (brain energy, moods, calmness and memory).

Based on all the information, we customize the most effective stress-reduced fat loss plan for you. This includes nutrition, supplementation, training, lifestyle and mindset strategies.

Some health issues we have been able to help people with include:

Digestive issues – acid reflux, IBS, colitis, bloating, irregular bowel movements
Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure
Anxiety, depression, ADHD
Trouble falling and staying sleep
Menopause, PMS symptoms
Migraines and brain fog
Yeast infections

Our method of stress-reduced fat loss provides natural, long term solutions to your health and weight loss concerns. You can achieve all of this WITHOUT unsafe fat loss pills, hours of aerobic work, calorie-counting or restrictive diets.