KETOSIS is the process where the body uses fat as a primary source of fuel rather than glucose. When the liver breaks down fats, it releases KETONES into the blood stream to be used by the brain and other organs.


Ketogenic diets (low carb, high fat) became popular in medical research to help kids with seizures, soldiers suffering from PTSD and people with other nervous system challenges.

In the fitness community it has become popular with athletes and bodybuilders for various health, aesthetic and performance benefits.

REDUCE INFLAMMATION – Studies show that ketones have anti-inflammatory properties that can improve gut health and post-workout recovery.

IMPROVES COGNITION – Ketones are more efficient than glucose as a fuel for the brain. As a result, people using exogenous ketones experience better brain function, focus, memory and motivation even if they are on a low-carb diet. This is one reason why ketones are being used to study treatment of Alzheimer’s, mood disorders, autism, ADHD, etc. 

FAT LOSS – Supplementing with ketones trains the body to use fat for fuel. They also regulate blood sugar and decrease cravings. 

SUPPORT MUSCLE GROWTH – Ketones increase the concentration of BCAAs (branch-chain amino acids) which are the building blocks necessary to hold onto or add muscle.

INCREASES MUSCLE ENDURANCE – Supplementing with ketones is an excellent source of fuel for endurance training/events (marathons). Provides more energy than glucose when training at low intensity over a long period of time.