Not all stress formulas are effective for you. We all react to stress differently and need to select stress supplements according to those reactions.  

I remember taking Holy Basil a few years ago. It is very effective to manage cortisol and reduce anxiety. However, when I took Holy Basil, I became anxious!! 

The 3 supplements that should be your basics during and after periods of stress are:

Magnesium (regulate cortisol, improve sleep and reduce muscle tension),

Vitamin B complex (improve moods, increase energy, process cortisol) and

Adaptogens (herbs like rhodiola, ashwagandha, that regulate cortisol).


To these basics, you would add the supplement you need based on your stress response.

  • Tired / fatigued – Holy Basil

  • Weak immune system / fall sick – Reishi mushrooms or Cordyceps

  • Wired / anxious / can’t quiet the mind – Phosphatidyl Serine


Next time you feel stressed, make sure you select the right stress supplement based on your stress response!!