ZINC is one of the most important, yet underrated nutrients! 

Zinc is a mineral that plays a critical role in various functions of your body. If you are deficient in zinc, you are most likely deficient in a lot of other key nutrients.

It is responsible for production of hormones including testosterone and growth hormone. People with low zinc, are prone to developing health issues such as:



Hair loss

Mood disorders

Poor immune function

Low male/female fertility and libido

Chronic fatigue

Zinc acts an a powerful antioxidant that protects the brain and heart. It also regulates dopamine (neurotransmitter necessary for focus and motivation) and is necessary for metabolism of melatonin (sleep hormone). 

For people who regularly train (resistance training and/or endurance), zinc promotes recovery, strength and better body composition. 


How do you know if you are deficient in zinc?! Next week, I will discuss the most common symptoms of zinc deficiency.