In order to get the most out of a CLEANSE, it is important to know what you are cleansing, how the cleanse works and if your body is ready for it.

Our bodies are constantly cleaning. But when you do a specific cleanse – gut, candida, liver, kidney or estrogens, etc. you have to ensure that you can provide an environment WITHIN your bodies to do this effectively and safely.

STEP 1: Eliminate inflammatory foods.

It is ideal to get a blood test done to identify which foods create a stress response in your gut. We use Rocky Mountain Labs to test our clients.

As you can see from a sample of my report, I am sensitive to quite a few foods including almonds, garlic, kidney beans, etc. I never got any specific reactions from these foods which are usually considered ‘healthy’.

food sensitivity test-page-004


The healthier your gut is, your body will be able to process and eliminate toxins more effectively. Numerous times, we see people with poor gut health do cleanses and actually get worse. Some symptoms of this are – acne, bloating, constipation, weight gain, itchy skin, back pain and excess mucus.

If you don’t do the test, you can at least start eliminating the most common inflammatory foods:

  • sugar
  • grains (barley, rye, oats, wheat, spelt)
  • dairy
  • corn
  • soy
  • preservatives
  • dyes and colors
  • alcohol

STEP 2: Ensure you are well nourished and hydrated

As mentioned in previous blog entries, one of the most common issues we find with people is that they are under-eating and dehydrated.

Before you start a cleanse, take 4-6 weeks to focus on this. Eat lean proteins, high fibrous carbs (vegetables) as the base of any meal. Starchy carbs like rice, yams, fruits, etc are eaten based on your insulin-sensitivity (your capacity to burn them effectively), training and goals. We use Biosignature Modulation to determine if the person can handle carbs and which ones are the best for him/her. We do this by taking skinfold measurements of the subscap (under shoulder blade) and supra-illiac (love handles). The leaner the readings, the better the person can handle starches.

As far as hydration is concerned, most people need an average of 3-4L of WATER per day. Note that this is just WATER; not tea or coffee. This requirement may change on the person’s chemistry and demands of work, life and training.

 STEP 3: Take supplemental nutrients to facilitate effective cleansing

During any cleanse, you are asking your system to work over time. For this you have to provide nutrients so that it doesn’t become deficient.

Besides a good multivitamin and mineral formula (we recommend,  here are some basics for any successful cleanse:

Vitamin B – Whenever we go through any kind of stress, including the stress of detoxing, we deplete vitamin B. Also without sufficient vitamin B, we cannot effectively detoxify.

However, the type of vitamin B is critical. Here is a quick test.

Eat 6-8 sticks of asparagus. Next time you pee, if it has a distinct, unusual smell, this si a sign that you do not methylate. Or in simple terms, you don’t detoxify well.

So you need to take a methylated form of vitamin B. The best one we use is

Magnesium – Like vitamin B, magnesium gets depleted the most during a cleanse. Another critical nutrient to have a successful cleanse.


Once ou have done the above for at least 6-8 weeks, you can start a specific cleanse. It is important know exactly what to eat during any cleanse. Having done numerous successful cleanses with our clients, we can help you with yours.

Email us at with any questions or to schedule your Biosignature and nutrition consultation before you do a cleanse.