Under-eating, especially proteins

It is so east to get caught up in managing our daily lives and not eat the required amount of nutrients. As a result the body is missing calories to carry out basic functions, let alone maintaining metabolism and fat burning.

Lack of protein especially, makes us insulin resistant, i.e, we cannot use carbohydrates effectively. This not only leads to increasing body fat around the upper back, love handles and the waist, but also increases food cravings.

People who don’t eat frequently, crave SWEET foods. As soon as we prioritize frequent meals starting with animal protein sources, their craving go away within a week.   


Inflammation, candida and parasites

Common allergens like grains, sugars, dairy, corn and soy wreck havoc on the gut lining. The effects depend on how sensitive the person is to these foods.

Reactions to these foods include migraines, bloating, strong cramps, brain fog, skin issues, random joint pains, etc. Manifestations can take anything for 2 hours to 2 weeks. Healing can take 3 days to 3 years!!

Inflammation also feeds candida, a common fungus in the gut that can cause a lot of health issues when it spreads.  A common symptom of candida infection is intense cravings for carbohydrates or sweet foods. 

Sugars and simple carbohydrates feed parasites which can live and lay eggs in the large intestine leading to food cravings, unstable blood sugar and digestive disorders.

We test our clients for food sensitivities, replace the sensitive foods with the foods that work best for them, treat and seal the gut to avoid any further issues. Women not only get rid of cravings, but get leaner especially around the waist!!



Not enough salt

This is the most common reason for craving salty foods like chips. As you increase your protein intake, it becomes necessary to season your animal proteins with colored salts, like pink Himalayan rock salt. The minerals in these colored salts help absorption of B vitamins and regulate insulin.

Unless you have specific health issues or are using certain medications, don’t hesitate to season your proteins well.




  • Supplement with magnesium – magnesium is necessary for at least 300 reactions in your body. It also gets depleted very fast when women go through the stress of daily life – work, relationships, training, emotions, monthly cycles, etc. Regularly supplementing with a high quality magnesium helps reduce food cravings, migraines, muscle cramps.

The most effective magnesium supplements are:



  • Homemade Trailmix – When you have strong cravings, take some mixed nuts and seeds in a pan and sautee them in some coconut oil or raw organic butter. Season with pink Himalayan salt. This is a very effective solution courtesy of http://jonnybowden.com/

Use the above solutions to eliminate cravings, stay on your nutrition plan and get leaner faster!!