CELLULITE is becoming an increasing issue with women. Despite using diets, weight training, hours of cardio on the stairmill, they struggle to get the legs and glutes leaner.

It is important to understand the issue, in order to fix it. Cellulite is mainly the result of FAT-SOLUBLE environmental toxins entering the body and the body’s inability to detoxify them. So when you try to burn the fat, it only releases these toxins into the bloodstream and gut, resulting in a lot of other issues. The body goes into an emergency state and adds more fat (this time around the organs instead of just under the skin). Remember, fat is a way for your body to protect itself from stress factors. Eliminate the stress factors, your body will not have a reason to keep or add the fat cells.


So what are the stressors that cause cellulite?

  • heavy metals – from water, cosmetics, teeth fillings, etc
  • birth control use
  • chemicals in skin, hair and eye products
  • chemotherapy
  • alcohol including wine
  • pain killers, NSAIDS, other medication
  • others – preservatives, plastics, soy, pesticides, hormones in food, PEDs. 

STEP 1: Eliminate or minimize exposure

The first step is obviously to minimize exposure to the above factors. Some of the above can be eliminated completely, while some may be a necessity (although that is debatable).

http://www.ewg.org/consumer-guides is an excellent, comprehensive website to help you choose the best cosmetics, household cleaners, etc for you. They also have great information regarding which fruits and vegetables are best eaten organic.

We also recommend using J. W Foods for hormone-free animal protein. These guys are passionate about quality whole foods and know exactly what goes into them. And if you thought eating organic is expensive, their prices will force you to reconsider. 


STEP 2: Give your body nutrients to allow it to detoxify.

The most important one is a good quality multi vitamin and mineral formula. This gives the liver nutrients to process the toxins. Our favorite choice for this purpose is Can Prev’s Immuno Multi.

The right fiber will pull metals/toxins out and carry them safely for elimination. Without a fiber, this becomes harder and there is a risk of the toxins leaking into the gut. For cellulite, AOR MCP  works the best if the person is not sensitive to citrus or citrus fibers.

If not, we use Renew Life Fiber SmartMost women need minimum 25gms of fiber daily.

Finally, take specific nutrients that help with detoxing xenoestrogens:


Calcium D Glucarate

Depending on the person’s Biosignature and hormone profile, they may need other nutrients like methylators or extra B vitamins, gall bladder support, magnesium, etc.


STEP 3: Train lower body frequently during the week

This step works best when the first two steps are in place. The goal here is to stress the legs and glutes with multiple workouts during the week. Stimulating lower body muscles 3-4 times per week seems to give the best results.

The workouts vary from heavy weights, to higher volume (more sets and reps) to plyometrics with bodyweight, sprints, sled pulls/sprints to name a few. 

When training the same body part so frequently, it is important to keep an eye on recovery.

We usually use this high frequency method for 2 weeks before going back to training legs twice per week for the next 1-2 weeks.


So here you have it. The TOP 3 STEPS TO GET RID OF CELLULITE.